Acton  |  Canberra
"Lozzie was fantastic to work with. Not only was she a really nice person, but she was comfortable in front of the camera and knew what she was doing. 
Most importantly, however, she was a genuinely lovely person to collaborate with. Providing immense creative input, Lozzie helped build a comfortable, creative atmosphere which made for an amazing shoot" @c_walshie.
Chris has a unique, almost vintage style which I absolutely adore. We tried to capture a dreamy nostalgic mood in which to portray our intimate portraits in this subtle grainy style. These shots are particular favourites of mine, as the colours and shades all blend together in a mix of 70's glamour with dark undertones, a true story telling reminiscent of the era. Chris has a wide portfolio of this kind, check him out on Instagram @c_walshie.
Copyright 2017 @c_walshie.

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