Brisbane | Australia
Working with BJ was an incredible experience, both as he is such a talented photographer as well as a lovely person. I learned so many tips and tricks from BJ, and it was easy to express our ideas in such a comfortable and constructive environment. We aimed to create a sophisticated urban look with our shots, incorporating the beautiful spaces that you can find around your own neighbourhood.
I adore the colour and texture of the backdrops we found. I feel as though the colours are bold, without distracting from the main story and expressions. I hope to work with BJ again, as his photographic genius is evident. Check out his work that covers more in depth portraiture with a wonderful showcase of locations @evocativelight.
Outfit | Credit @ridersbyleeau. Check them out on Instagram.
Accessories | Credit @francesca. Check them out on Instagram.
Lozzie is always on the look out for new brands to collaborate with. Please get in touch with us via the contact page if you would like to showcase your products.
Copyright 2018 @evocativelight.

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