New Farm | Brisbane
The first time I worked with Samir, we envisaged producing a number of outdoor portraits taken with the assistance of the lovely afternoon sun. Although it is sometimes difficult to get the light on your side, I fell in love with the feel of these images, drenched in golden rays.
Samir is full of the knowledge he has gained from a number of photography workshops, and the skills and tips he has passed on are invaluable to developing my professional portfolio. I feel that my comfortability was also a factor in the shoot's overall success. It is so important to feel happy in your own skin, and to be thoroughly involved in the project. Working with a photographer like Samir, it was easy to be myself. 
Samir is in the process of expanding his portfolio, specializing in portraiture and landscape photography. Check out his work to understand why the tips learned in workshops really pay off @wadjetphotography.
Outfit | Credit @valleygirlau. Check them out on Instagram.
Jewellery | Credit @swarovski. Check them out on Instagram.
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