Canberra  |  Australia
"Lozzie was a great model to work with, she was easy going, great with directions and able to input her own ideas into our shoot together to create an amazing set of photos" @lehandimsim
Lehan and I first worked together on this amazing shoot that she calls, Alice in the Willows, and the series has since been published as a beautiful editorial in Leiden Magazine. This was my first publication, so these shots will always have a special place in my heart. Lehan's ability to produce such excellent shots, with an overall vision of what she wanted to achieve, also adds to the fantastic memory of this photo-shoot.
The mood, colours and expressions within the images Lehan captured, amazed me as soon as I saw them, as does the continued talent that she displays within her striking and dreamy photography. I have to admit that showcasing my @cueclothingco dress adds to the beauty of these images. I cannot wait to display more of these amazing pieces in future shoots. Lehan has a wonderful style which tells a powerful story, check out @lehandimsim.
Copyright 2017 @lehandimsim.

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