Canberra  |  Australia
"Lozzie is a pleasure to work with. She shares the photographers artistic passion to create and deliver, not just an image, but a message. She approaches her assignments with an uncommon fervor and maturity I have not often seen among her peers.
Lozzie and I have worked together on multiple occasions in which we have produced some inspired work. I look forward to working with her again and would recommend her as a suitable model to help build and deliver any photographic concept or project" @monty_potatoes.
One of my first projects was one that focused on a Noir Snow White theme, with her bold red apple as a contrasting piece to the white light. It was all about adding darker tones to the classic fairy tale. The shots are innocent and quirky, and against the different shadows, there was a dreamy story being told.
Mark is a joy to collaborate with, and his photographic talent continues to impress me. He has become a true inspiration for me, and continually assists with my artistic projects. Check out more of his portrait photography on Instagram to be visually inspired @monty_potatoes.
Copyright 2017 @monty_potatoes.

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